Grace Ogbe
2 min readAug 24, 2021

Marketing Ethics to leave in 2020

There is such a thing as ethical and unethical ways of marketing; now the essence of ethics is to ensure fairness and respect to people’s rights and interest. Unethical marketing mostly constitutes marketing strategies that are manipulative, false, fake, spam, stereotypical, etc. So that standards have had to be put in place to ensure and regulate compliance to ethical ways of doing marketing.

However, due to recent changes, it is possible and true that some of these standards and purposes for their existence have been rendered obsolete. Let’s take a look at some marketing ethics to leave in 2020.

  1. . Too frequent ads & commercials
  2. I remember during the days when soap operas were the in thing, you could see a particular commercial more than ten times and it happened like in every ten minutes. As you’d expect, it became unbearably predictable and almost annoying. And this defeats the good intentions for the ads. While they marketers behind these ads may be simply just trying to create familiarity through emphasis, they get the opposite result whenever the ads become too frequent.
  3. 2. Formulaic
  4. Because everyone is doing something a certain way doesn’t mean you should do it that way too. It is the more reason while contemporary marketers need to start focusing on being creative. The good thing is, it’s not so hard; being creative is all about being true to oneself. It’s all about originality and what is unique to a person or group of persons. Constantly repeating conventional means of doing things just shows a lack of originality and innovation.
  5. 3. Costly marketing
  6. Time and time again, we have seen how that it is not always the most expensive marketing approach adopted that turns out the most viable. And when you place value and money side by side, we see how value always wins. These days, the marketing strategy that works best are those that cost little nothing. For example, engaging with your audience on your social media pages, cross promoting or collaborating, offering free content, guest blogging, etc all of these don’t really require huge marketing expenses. They may take more time and creativity, but they work.
  7. Times change and it’s only smart to be aware of the dynamics and taking conscious efforts to adapt accordingly. This is how to stay ahead of the game.
Grace Ogbe

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