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Imagine an app where you get to be anything, have any voice, and any character from any part of the world! Sounds amazing right?

Tik Tok is so fun it’s no wonder it’s become the hub for lots of teens, Gen Zs, and adults as well. Let’s just say it’s impossible to be on Tik Tok and not be entertained. The idea is, you can even have fun with yourself while you make the videos or play a variety of games on the platform. Suffice to say, it is very much a self-expression app.

To marketers, however, it’s a double…

We’ve all experienced one strain or the other on our mental health in this year 2020 but we want to talk about this from the men’s perspective today.

Lately, I had a conversation with a friend, we were talking about a poem he wrote that was very emotional. He confided in me about his dysfunctional relationship with his parents especially his dad and in his words, he said, “most people I meet including the ladies I date come with expectations from me, but if they don’t ask, I wouldn’t know when I should give because I wasn’t used to receiving…

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A few years ago, say 2011 or thereabouts, I joined Facebook. Like most people, Facebook was the first social media I joined. Back then, I simply posted any photo that catches my fancy in my gallery. I liked a couple of other people on my feed and then I logged out. There wasn’t much interaction and engagement like we have today. Businesses more than ever are becoming more intentional with their attitudes towards social media. People now post with lengthier captions, respond to comments and so much more. …

It’s been one hell of a ride! 2020 is one year that will not easily be forgotten in the minds of its witnesses. Some say it’s a cursed year, but I like to think of it as a loaded one. It was one that was crammed with a series of events that were sandwiched into each other, we were left with no time to breathe. Did I just say time to breathe? …

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Would you rather read a blog that’s all texts and wordy or would you prefer to see a photo or a video here and there every now and then? I know this question is a mouthful and Grammarly actually underlined it but I ignored it. The truth is words (as much as I love them) can get boring sometimes; and for it to keep your attention, it must be really good.

Folks have apparently discovered this truth and that is why every business or venture that seeks to be consequential in today’s world must incorporate photos and videos in their…

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It’s common to hear about the dangers of social media to kids and it’s a total no-go area in some homes as it is viewed as ‘dangerous’ or harmful. But isn’t that rather a one-sided perspective? Could there possibly be benefits of Social Media to Kids?

Social media has its bane but it also has its good side and that is what we aim to focus on in this post. Here are a few things your kids could learn from social media.

1. Sense of belonging

Studies show that kids who feel more accepted tend to be happier and have fewer behavioral problems than…

An Exposition on the Rat-Race Called Advertising

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It’s 2020 and right now the first thing that comes to mind when an ad pops up on my timeline is “Okay, let’s see what this guy has to say” and if I’m not intrigued at first glance (I hardly find any of them intriguing anyway), I scroll past. Other times, the critic in me brings out her savage head. And I’m left wondering why advertising still sucks so much even after the enormous amount of money that goes into it.

Granted, advertising is a core aspect of marketing and there are several success stories accredited to its adoption, for…

Why Your Competition is Not The Problem

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In 1939, Martin Goodman founded Marvel, a company that experienced instant success especially with the production of Captain America, SubMarine, etc. it continued to grow in sales for decades until the 1980s. Marvel started to lose ground to its competitors, DC Comics, when DC Comics began to produce series like Superman, Batman, Watchman, etc.

Marvel’s financial success was dealt a huge blow in 1992 when some of its finest writers left to start their own company.

Shortly after, Marvel decided to form a merger with Tom Biz and this saved them from bankruptcy especially after the release of movies like…

How to Successfully Onboard New Employees without Disrupting Workflow

Onboarding is a system that is designed to decrease staff turnover by increasing staff engagement. It’s basically a series of processes a new employee faces before settling in on a new job. Well as you would guess, most companies like to put a lot of thought into these onboarding processes for good reason; they want the best for the company and for the employee (that may be relative, from the employees’ perspective).

But despite having to go through a rigorous onboarding or a casual and more informal process, some employees do not really end up as expected. Chances are that…

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Adversities are bound to occur. And in this journey called life, we will face challenges and setbacks. Our approach and response to them determine whether we will be able to bounce back or not. It becomes important that one gains emotional resilience.

Gaining emotional resilience enables us to better cope with the setbacks and challenges of life. A story goes about the carrot, egg, and coffee beans. They were all put into a pot of water and left to boil. After which they were removed and observed. …

Grace Ogbe

I’m a freelance writer and blogger who thinks words, cats and avocados are highly underrated.

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